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Turkish Lantern Pendant Lamp Laser Cut Pattern

Turkish Lantern Pendant Lamp Laser Cut Pattern

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First of all, when producing Turkish lantern pendant lamp stalactites for us, we use art deeply rooted in Turkey's rich cultural heritage. Our masters are also inspired by traditional Turkish patterns known for their intricate patterns and geometric motifs. Especially these designs often reflect the influence of

Ottoman, Persian, and Arab art, resulting in a unique fusion of styles.
The laser cut patterns not only enhance the visual appeal of the lamp but also serve a functional purpose.. Similarly laser cut patterns add intricate details and create mesmerizing light patterns. So you can use Turkish lantern pendant lamps in various areas including living rooms, dining areas and bedrooms.

Shortly Turkish lantern pendant lamps come in a wide range of sizes, shapes, and materials, allowing you to find the perfect fit for your space. Whether you prefer a small and delicate pendant lamp or a larger statement piece, there is a Turkish lantern design to suit your needs.

Height : 140 cm-55.11 inc
Width : 70 cm-27.55 inc
Not Chain Height : 115 cm-45.27 inc
Shortest Hanging Height : 125 cm-49.21 inc

Type : E-26 socket for US - E-27 socket for UK and EU.
Qty : 3
Maximum Walt : 40w

Voltage : 110V for US - 220V for UK & EU
Power source : With cable from ceiling

The product is handmade and the production time is 7 days, 
Please contact me if you do not receive your order within 15 days, i'll look into it and help.

You can customize our products in width, length and color as you wish, please contact us forthis.Most important , we can make a custom 3D design. In the same way, after
the design, you can see the picture and video of the.

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