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Mosaic Chandelier 5 Globe Extra Chain Plug Cable

Mosaic Chandelier 5 Globe Extra Chain Plug Cable

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Turkish mosaic chandelier 5 globes lamp With this extra chain and cable you can use on wall plug



Metal plastering

Hand made mosaic glass globe



Height: 103cm -40.55 inch

Width:  41 cm -16.14 inch

Depth:  41 cm -16.14 inch

Globe Size: 17cm-6.70 inch



BULP : Our lamps has E-12 socket for US and E-14 socket for UK & EU.


BULBS not included.



Voltage: 110V for US  -   220V for UK & EU

Power Source :Cable Connect



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Please let me know of any problems when you get your order. Immediately a replacement globe and or metal body will be sent when you provide a photo showing the damage.

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